Oct. 30: “Career, Leadership, Lifestyle: Finding your Sweet Spot”

Career, Leadership, Lifestyle: Finding your Sweet Spot

The session will be of interest for seasoned or new environmental professionals. A workshop and coaching session for the next generation of sustainability leaders. Melissa Creede, President of Sapis Insight, will explore the difference between a leader, and an effective leader. Develop your skills to make transformative change.
Part 1: Leading from Where you Are – Be Tomorrow’s Environment Sector Leader, Today

  • Lead to make a meaningful difference
  • Lead your team more effectively
  • Increase self-awareness – a hugely undervalued leadership tool
  • Improve your influence “up”, “down”, and “across” the organization (i.e. with your boss, direct reports, and peers)
  • Build better relationships with coworkers and clients – improve your communication

Part 2: Designing your Best Career from your Values and Strengths

Take charge of designing your environmental career:

  • Foster new ways of collaborating, networking, and building partnerships
  • Design your career path based on your values, strengths, skills, and desired experiences
  • Make the most of formal and informal opportunities