“Be Who You Want to Be.” How Does that Really Work?

You’ve probably heard that “Stepping into WHO you want to be opens the doors for your career to advance.” But most people don’t understand what that means.

Most people assume that it means: dress for the position you want; assume responsibilities of the position for which you strive; follow your boss’ example for work ethic; and get enough experience so the next step ‘seems logical.’ While those approaches have some validity, there’s much more to it than that.

For example, one of my clients — Andrea Grant — knew what she wanted. She wanted a more results-oriented, flexible position as a consultant, even though she’d never been one before. While working in a highly structured job, she went out and interviewed with a number of consulting companies in her area. The more companies she visited, the more excited she became. Every interview, combined with our visioning work, helped her paint a more vivid picture of the life she wanted and would have as a consultant.

Andrea was so energized that she just couldn’t wait anymore.  She decided to quit her job and go out on her own–to start her own consultancy. As she made plans to leave her job, one of those consulting companies she’d interviewed called and offered her exactly the job she wanted, even though she’d never been a consultant before.

It happened because she was acting like a consultant. The consulting company could see her acting like a consultant and so could imagine her in the role. Up until then, she had seemed like someone who only wanted to be a consultant—perhaps someday, when the time was right, or when she had more experience.

The truth is, when you move towards your dreams and act as if you already are what you want to become, other people can see your true strengths more easily. They can see who you really are and support your quest to express your strengths in your career.

So, rather than trying to figure out what to do, start to imagine who to be. And then, be it. You’ll get everything you ever wanted!