Oct. 30: “Career, Leadership, Lifestyle: Finding your Sweet Spot”

Career, Leadership, Lifestyle: Finding your Sweet Spot

The session will be of interest for seasoned or new environmental professionals. A workshop and coaching session for the next generation of sustainability leaders. Melissa Creede, President of Sapis Insight, will explore the difference between a leader, and an effective leader. Develop your skills to make transformative change.
Part 1: Leading from Where you Are – Be Tomorrow’s Environment Sector Leader, Today

  • Lead to make a meaningful difference
  • Lead your team more effectively
  • Increase self-awareness – a hugely undervalued leadership tool
  • Improve your influence “up”, “down”, and “across” the organization (i.e. with your boss, direct reports, and peers)
  • Build better relationships with coworkers and clients – improve your communication

Part 2: Designing your Best Career from your Values and Strengths

Take charge of designing your environmental career:

  • Foster new ways of collaborating, networking, and building partnerships
  • Design your career path based on your values, strengths, skills, and desired experiences
  • Make the most of formal and informal opportunities

Career and Leadership Development One-Day Workshop for Professionals

Workshop Date: February 10th, 2012


Melissa Creede, a sought-after career and leadership coach, is leading a Career and Leadership Development Workshop specifically designed for emerging leaders and middle-level professionals.

This one-day workshop will utilize a variety of interactive and reflective exercises and assignments to:

– investigate leadership competencies and styles, and reactive tendencies, and how they relate to your future success

– deepen your self-awareness of your strengths, aspirations, motivators, values, and limiting behaviours and beliefs

– adapt your communication and leadership style to your audience/recipient

– understand and prioritize important versus urgent activities

– give you a clearer idea of your ‘sweet spot’ as a leader, to increase your productivity, effectiveness, and satisfaction

– explore the connection between your leaderships goals and abilities, your values, and your career pathway

– gain confidence in your decision-making, and recognize distractions disguised as priorities

– improve visioning and strategic thinking, particularly as it relates to leadership

– foster new ways of collaborating; develop networks and build partnerships with your colleagues


– Fee: $395 plus applicable taxes.

– Date: Friday February 10th

– Location: To Be Confirmed

– The workshop will be conducted in English; however, Melissa understands French and can answer occasional questions in French.

– Call 613-252-8279, or email mcreede@sapis.ca for more information.

Career and Leadership Development Workshop for Students

Concept:  Melissa Creede, a sought-after career and leadership coach, is leading a Career and Leadership Development Circle specifically designed for students.

The Career and Leadership Development Workshop will use a variety of interactive and reflective in-class exercises and between-session assignments to:

-deepen your self-awareness of your strengths, aspirations, values, limiting behaviours and beliefs

-explore the connection between your career pathway, leadership goals, and your values

-investigate leadership competencies and styles and how they relate to your future success

-give you a clearer idea of your ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to influencing change towards a more sustainable, fair, and values-based world

-help you define a future vision of your career and leadership pathway

-develop new skills to advance your career, and help you prioritize next steps towards your vision

The insight gained from all of these exercises will instinctively give you confidence, clarity and direction towards your desired career path, and will also strengthen your ability to write your resume, and to prepare for job and academic interviews.


-4 interactive sessions, every 2nd week for 2 hours each

-January-March 2012 (dates and times will be chosen based on the availability of interested parties)

-Carleton campus (classroom TBD)

-Call 613-252-8279 or email mcreede@sapis.ca for more information

-Money-back guarantee if you withdraw from the course after the 1st session

How to Be Tomorrow’s Leader, Today

A Mini-Workshop for the Next Generation of Sustainability Leaders

Are you waiting for a formal title? Why wait? Lead from where you already are. This mini-workshop by Melissa Creede offers interactive exercises to explore your values, style, and competencies, and how they enhance your career and leadership potential and effectiveness. Melissa awakens your ability to influence change towards a more sustainable, fair, and values-based world.

Where: Ottawa City Hall – Honeywell Room

When: Wed Nov 9th, 6-7:30 pm

Free for YEP members; $5 for non members

Carleton University Green Energy Symposium – Nov5


Here are further details about the Agenda for Saturday’s conference.  My leadership talk is at 9:30 a.m.

 AGENDA  Nov 5,2011

 9:00 am Paperless Guest Registration in Minto Foyer

 9:15 am Introductory Remarks

 9:30 am Bettering the World: Leading Change from your Values, Melissa Creede, P.Eng – President, Sapis Insight

 10:15 am Climate Change Policy: From the Government to the Private Sector, Cheryl Johnson – Research Analyst, The Delphi Group

 11:00 am Food for Thought, A sustainable refreshment break sponsored by Bridgehead Coffee

 11:15 am Sustainability – Leveraging Existing Building Potential, Andrew Penner, P.Eng, CEM, LEED®AP and Dan Vivian, P.Eng – Stantec

 12:00 pm The Super-Engineer Joel Primeau, P.Eng, HBDP – High-Performance Building Consultant

12:45 pm Lunch Break Network and discuss over lunch and refreshments in the Minto Foyer

1:30 pm Panel Discussion: Poverty and the Environment

A suite of socially-aware experts in sustainability discuss population growth, resource depletion, and sustainable development on a global scale

 2:45 pm Summary and Takeaways, Concluding Remarks and Acknowledgements by the Carleton SREE Society