What do you have to Give Up to Move Up? Nothing

We often hesitate to invest in getting to the next level because we fear we’ll lose something important along the way.

Meanwhile, we’re less productive. We’re distracted from achieving fulfillment because we’re busy avoiding what we don’t want, or trying to attain things we hope will fulfill us, even though we don’t know for sure. We wind up getting slotted into other things.

The truth is, the closer we get to jobs, lifestyle, and opportunities that resonate with our values and fulfill our potential, the better we perform. We get quicker, more efficient at getting the job done. It seems less like work and more like play, so we receive and put in more energy.

We are naturally drawn to do the work that will enhance our strongest skills and reveal our greatest potential. You don’t have to “give up to move up.” Just structure your life or job a little differently to align with your values.

When you move into that good space, you’ll not only feel more fulfilled, you’ll be amazed at your sudden burst of productivity.