How can Your Life and Career Rate Ten out of Ten?

How would you rate your life and career? Five out of ten? Eight out of ten?

Many of my clients have satisfying careers, so their rating typically starts over seven. When they look at why they rate it so highly, they always feel grateful for their achievements.

But what would it take to make your life rate ten out of ten? If you’re like most, it will take you a while to warm up to this question; for example:
• “Right now I’m just pushing paper. I’d like to have a positive impact on the world.”
• “I’d like an extra week of vacation and a raise.”

At this stage, you may not be thinking big enough. Is an extra week of vacation really going to lift you to ten out of ten? Maybe to eight and a half. But do you dare to play longer, dream bigger? Don’t let realistic considerations get in your way. If you could have anything, what do you see yourself doing that would make you really happy? What would it feel like?
• “I wouldn’t rush when I come home from work. I would feel settled enough to just sit with my spouse.”
• “I’d feel relaxed when I get up, and have time to do exercise.”

The next step is to understand why the vision appeals, what’s in it that makes it a ten. These are your true values. This is what you truly want.

Use your imagination to really experience what your ten-out-of-ten life and career would feel like on a day-to-day basis. Now you have a star to steer by—a powerful guideline for choosing your goals and how to get to your destination.