Browsing the Career Cookbook

When thinking about the next step in their career, people tend to look first at their past. They look for patterns of achievement and try to project where they logically lead. “What does my resume say?” “What am I qualified for?” “What can a person with my experience go after successfully?”

The answers to these questions may lead to a job that works in many or even most ways. However, they don’t automatically lead to the most fulfilling career.

The key is to discover your values. Once you understand who you are and what you want, the path to getting what you want and building a fulfilling life becomes clear very quickly.

But that sounds challenging, doesn’t it? “Discovering who you are and what you want” may not sound straightforward, but it’s as easy and fun as browsing a cookbook.

In spite of all the great recopies available on the internet, I still love to browse a colourful cookbook. The trick is, I look at the pictures first, not the ingredients. I look until I find a picture that makes my mouth water. Then I know what I want. Then it’s a simple matter to look at the ingredients and figure out how to make the dish.

When you’re not quite satisfied with your career or lifestyle, when you’re looking for more juice and motivation, browsing the career cookbook for what makes your mouth water can be the easiest way to discover your fastest path to a fulfilling career and a happy life. Once you can almost taste the dish in the picture, you’ll be sitting at the table before you know it!